XTrade Utility Knife Set


Introducing the XTrade Utility Knife Set, an essential and adaptable addition to your tool collection. Perfect for a variety of tasks and bearing the XTrade seal of quality, this set features knives that offer both comfort and light weight, making them efficient for cutting through various materials. The go-to set for any tradesperson. Features: Multi-Purpose Knives: Includes two utility knives, each expertly designed for specific tasks, ensuring you have the ideal tool on hand for any project. Durable and Precise: Made from top-notch materials, XTrade Utility Knives are built to withstand heavy use while maintaining their sharp edge for accurate cutting. Versatile Uses: Whether you're tackling construction, crafts, carpeting, or DIY projects, these knives are up for the challenge. The retractable knife also includes a built-in string and wire cutter. Quick Blade Replacement: Effortlessly replace and store blades, minimizing downtime and increasing productivity. Comfortable Handling: Specially crafted handles offer a secure and comfortable grip