XTrade PRO Heavy Duty Hacksaw 12" / 300mm


The XTrade PRO Heavy-Duty Hacksaw 12" / 300mm is a reliable tool for precision cutting on even the most challenging materials. It boasts XTrade's dedication to top-notch quality, offering balance and rigidity for comfortable use. Whether for professional or DIY use, this hacksaw guarantees heavy-duty performance, able to cut through metal, pipes, plastic, and wood. Its sturdy frame ensures long-lasting durability, maintaining precision even with heavy use. Additionally, it is compatible with standard hacksaw blades and can make cuts at both 90° and 45° angles, making it versatile for various materials. The hacksaw frame features optimal blade tension (100kg) and stability for precise and clean cuts every time. Its compact design has the blade tensioner integrated into the handle for easy access to tight spaces. The comfortable and ergonomically designed handle, along with a contoured front thumb support, makes cutting effortless and reduces hand strain during extended use.