XTrade Hardpoint Hand Saw 22" / 550mm


Enhance your precision in woodworking by utilizing the XTrade Rafter Square Twin Pack. Featuring two squares at 7" (178mm) and 12“ (300mm), this duo is an essential toolkit for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike. You can trust in XTrade for unparalleled accuracy and versatility in every cut. The XTrade 22”/ 550mm handsaw is designed for precise and clean cuts, making it suitable for various woodworking and carpentry tasks with materials such as Timber or MDF. Crafted from high-quality materials, this handsaw is durable and maintains its sharpness even with demanding use. With universal hardpoint teeth (7T/8P), the versatile blade is suitable for different materials and cutting tasks. Its comfortable and ergonomic fixed plastic handle allows for a secure grip, reducing hand strain and enabling extended use without discomfort. The 22“/550mm blade length provides longer strokes, increasing efficiency and speed in your cutting tasks, while also featuring built-in guides