XTrade Hammer Tacker


Enhance your construction productivity with the XTrade Hammer Tacker. This expertly engineered tool from XTrade offers precise stapling and unmatched durability. With innovative features and unbeatable advantages, it is the preferred choice for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts. Key features include compatibility with 6-10mm flat wire staples for a variety of applications such as insulation, roofing, carpeting, and more. Its all-steel construction and hardened high carbon steel components ensure heavy-duty performance that can handle even the toughest projects. The user-friendly design, including a lightweight and ergonomic build, minimizes fatigue and maximizes comfort for extended use. The single-handed 4-way ergonomic grip provides a secure hold for every staple, guaranteeing a strong and lasting fastening solution. And with quick jam clearing and precision lock rear loading, this tool offers swift and accurate stapling, saving you time and increasing efficiency.

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