Xtrade Gel filled knee pads


Introducing Xtrade Gel Filled Knee Pads - the ultimate solution for protecting your knees during a variety of tasks. Whether you're on a construction site, on the job, or tackling DIY projects, these knee pads offer exceptional comfort and safeguarding. Trust in Xtrade's expertise and experience the difference that gel-filled technology can make for your knees.

Features: Gel Filled - enjoy superior cushioning and support with innovative gel-filled padding. Durable Construction - designed for demanding tasks, these knee pads have a sturdy PVC outer shell and foam core for long-lasting protection and comfort. Adjustable Straps - equipped with two neoprene adjustable straps for a secure, customized fit for different leg sizes. Versatile Use - perfect for construction, gardening, flooring, and more, thanks to the non-marking and slip-resistant design. Easy to Clean - designed for convenience, these knee pads are easy to clean and maintain hygiene for prolonged use.