XTrade Carpenters Pencils & Sharpener Set


The XTrade Carpenters Pencils & Sharpener Set features premium pencils designed specifically for carpentry, woodworking, and precision marking. Made with graphite inner cores, these pencils create thick, clear lines on both wet and dry wood. Perfect for scoring corners, marking cutting lines, or recording dimensions. With its unique shape preventing rolling away, it will always be on hand for your needs. Efficient and Reliable: Create precise lines with the carpenter's pencil and its tailored sharpener, ensuring a perfect point every time. The Medium Hardness (HB) pencils are designed to prevent rolling, making them your best friend on any job site. Conveniently stored in a portable plastic tube and comes with 10 pencils and a sharpener per tube, and 12 tubes per display box. Pencil Dimensions: 176mm x 13mm x 7mm.