Makita VC4210MX M-Class 42L Dust Extractor 110V

Wet and Dry M-Class Dust Extractor with power take-off.

110V, comes with a 32A plug.

Class M - Removes 99.9% of dust with Limit Value for occupational exposure > 0.1 mg/m³.

Suitable for processes involving mica, china clay, gypsum, wood dust, such as softwood and hardwood and silica dust, such as masonry, concrete.


• Approved for Dust Classes M in accordance with the EU standard. • Automatic filter cleaning system. • Durable PTFE filter with high filtration efficiency. Washable non-stick membrane • Flat top design for deposit of hand tools and accessories. • Hatchback with big opening for easy access to filter • Individual settings for different hose diameters (21,27,32, 36 and 38mm) • Speed regulation • Air flow sensor beeps when air flow is reduced by clogged filter, full tank etc. • Automatic On/Off function: machine activates when a connected power tool is used. • Integrated hose, cable and accessory storage • Double-wall container with big wheels and steel castors. • Makpac cases can be attached to the unit with optional adapter plate


Power take-off wattage: 1750w

Max Airflow: 4.5 m³/min

Dust Bag Capacity: 30 litres

Max Sealed Suction: 25 kPa

Tank Capacity: 42 litres

Tank capacity wet: 29 litres

Input Wattage: 1000w

Net weight 16kg