Makita E-12192 216x30x60T TCT Circular Saw Blade for Decking

With features specifically designed for cutting composite decking materials this specialised blade will improve efficiency and accuracy when working on many exterior projects.


  • Improved wear resistance thanks to the tungsten carbide tip
  • Tooth tip shape with efficient sharp top angle enables user to make a fine surface cut with minimal effort and reduced cutting resistance
  • Curved tooth body allows for excellent chip chute performance
  • Suitable for creating wood deck, fences and building exteriors


Bore (B): 30 mm
Diameter (D): 216 mm
Kerf (K): 2 mm
Rake (R): 8 º
Pack Quantity: 1
Tooth Count: 60
Material Type: Composite Decking
Machine Type: Cordless Slide Compound Mitre Saw