Makita DTM50Z 18V Multitool LXT Body Only

If you don't own an oscillating multitool, buy one and you'll wonder how you got along without it. It's a saw, scraper, sander, and grinder in one handy power tool. It not only does those jobs, it does them in inaccessible places, speeding difficult jobs to completion in the process.

USER BENEFITS • Thumb On/Off switch, positioned for ease of use when holding body of machine. • Hex wrench holder on body. • Variable speed control dial. • Dust extraction attachment. • Accessories can be installed at 30º increments, across 360º • Uses OIS interface.

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Battery Type Lithium-ion Voltage 18 v Oscillation Angle 3.2 º Oscillations per Minute 6000 - 20000 Vibration K factor 1.5 m/sec² Vibration: Cutting Metal 5 m/sec² Vibration: Cutting Wood 9.5 m/sec² Vibration: Chiselling 7.5 m/sec² Vibration: Sanding 2.5 m/sec² Net weight 1.8 - 2.2 kg