HMT 301130 Series VersaDrive® Heavy Duty Impacta-Drill Taps

Drill & Tap in one easy operation 

VersaDrive® Heavy Duty Impacta-Drill Taps are an industrial metalwork or fabrication tool for drilling and tapping heavy steel in one easy operation.

Primarily they are designed to be used with a reversible Magnet Drill, although they can also be adapted for use with an impact wrench to enlarge and tap existing holes.

With a drill point optimised for use in fixed drilling machines like Magnetic Drills or Pillar drills, these are not recommended for use in a pistol drill. Where they are to be used with an impact wrench to enlarge and tap holes pilot drilling is recommended with a separate drill bit.

Product Benefits

  • Fast Tapping with Minimal Kickback
  • Specially hardened for Impact Wrench use
  • High-Grade Tool Steel for high accuracy & long life
  • GoldMax low-friction titanium coating to stop burn-out
  • High strength, non-slip shank design Unique Dual-Point Starting Angle for easy alignment & fast cut
  • Ground Flute Twist Drill Creates the perfect Tapping Hole
  • Chipbreaker action for Automatic chip clearance when Impact Tapping
  • High Strength, Non-slip shank design 
  • Correct RPM is critical for good performance on larger drill taps
  • Ideal for use in drill presses and magnet drills
  • For impact wrench use, pilot drilling the hole with a separate drill bit is necessary
  • Use appropriate lubrication and correct RPM to achieve long tool life