HMT 110V V35 12-35mm Magnet Drill

Magnetic drills are known as mag drills or magnetic drilling machines and are a specialized tool to be used for drilling holes in magnetic materials such as steel and iron. These drills feature a strong magnetic base to ensure a secure hold on the workpiece during drilling, allowing for stability and precise drilling results. 

The UK-built HMT VersaDrive® V35 is the ideal solution for the most demanding industrial-grade drilling projects, boasting a maximum drilling capacity of 35mm, a lightweight design, high speed, and a long stroke that accommodates an array of VersaDrive® Tooling, including twist drills, countersinks, drillsinks, and step drills. Constant, dependable performance makes this machine an ideal choice for any drilling environment.

Features & Benefits

Supplied with handles, restraint strap, heavy duty metal guard system, VersaDrive® Rapid-Lock adapter, STAKIT Base 200 site case and gravity fed coolant system.

Technical Specification

CUTTER SIZE RANGE: 12 - 35mm MAX CUTTER CAPACITY: 35mm MAX CUTTER LENGTH: 110mm TWIST DRILL CAPACITY: 12mm COUNTERSINKING: 25mm REAMING: N/A MAX TAP CAPACITY: N/A LENGTH: 220mm WIDTH (Inc Handles): 173mm HEIGHT (Min-Max): 305 - 445mm STROKE: 140mm WEIGHT: 9.5kg MAGNET (L X W): 160 x 80mm MAGNETIC ADHESION: 1000kg MOTOR POWER: 850W TOTAL POWER: 900W SPEED RPM (No Load): 750 min-1 SPINDLE: 3/4" Weldon ARBOR: Integral 3/4" Weldon (19.05mm) COOLANT SYSTEM: Gravity Oil Fed WARRANTY: 2 Year (When registered)