Fein Dustex 35 MX AC Class M 35L Wet & Dry Dust Extractor 110V

This powerful, professional wet/dry dust extractor is rated for dust class M with fully automatic filter cleaning for attachment of various case systems including extensive accessories.

Comes with:

1 push bar, 1 PES flat fold filter,1 disposal bag, 1x 4 m ES suction hose, diameter
35 mm, 1 tool collar with suction force regulation, 1 stepped collar, 2 suction pipes (metal), 1 combi nozzle with interchangeable inserts, 1 crevice nozzle, 1 suction brush, & 1 elbow.


  • Approved for class M hazardous dusts.
  • Fein boxes, L-boxx and Systainer tool cases of various systems can be positioned on to the extraction head and secured.
  • Fully automatic filter cleaning (AC) extends the life of the flat fold filter allowing for  longer for uninterrupted working.
  • Thanks to push bar and case and accessory attachment the unit is easy to move.
  • Reliable suction of different types of dirt from liquids to fine dusts.
  • With PES flat fold filter and electronic shut-off for outstanding wet extraction performance.
  • Power surges are prevented by the auto start socket with switch-on delay.
  • Variable suction force regulation on the extractor.
  • The 7.5 m mains cable and 4 m hose provide a large working radius.
  • Anti-static function for preventing static charging during work - electrostatically discharging.
  • Technical data

    Maximum power input,  1,380 W
    Air flow  4,320 l/min
    Max. vacuum  254 hPa
    Tank volume  35 l
    Cable with plug  7.5 m
    Sound pressure level  67 dB
    Weight according to EPTA  14.10 kg
    Sound pressure level LpA
    67 dB